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The Member Profile section is your tool for representing yourself through this website.  To be found through the Hire An Organizer directory, you will need to use your Profile a little differently.  All the search fields are based on your Groups settings.  [Think of Groups on this website as Categories].  Edit your Groups at the bottom of the Profile page. On the left side of the screen there are the options you can choose.  On the side of the window are the Groups you have selected.  This is currently a VERY cumbersome process and we are asking StarChapter for some usability improvements.

Guest Passes are available at a significant discount for Members only. You may purchase a pack of 10 Chapter meeting passes for $150.  Use them for employees, clients or colleagues you'd like to invite to our chapter meetings.

All documents previously accessed through the website's Members Only section have been moved to POINT, in our Community Library   **How to Get There:

Go to the San Francisco community through your My Communities button when you enter POINT. Here's a link to that if you'd like to go there now, and it will have you log in to POINT before taking you to the San Francisco Community:  NAPO POINT San Francisco.  
You'll see a row of tabs under the photo banner.  Select Library to find the documents you are looking for.  If this is difficult to navigate, you may reach out to [email protected] for assistance.

Many chapter announcements and communications are only posted to our POINT community. We don’t want you to miss out on any important information, so here is a quick explanation on the Communication Vehicles for our Chapter:

  NAPO-SFBA POINT Community* is used for: 

  • Monthly Member News 
  • Chapter Meeting Announcements
  • Pop-Up Event Info
  • Reminders about Board Election Ballots
  • Neighborhood Group Meeting updates – location or topic
  • Information on Volunteer Opportunities within the Chapter
  • Opportunities for you to promote your businesses or products
  • Requests for help or information from other chapter members
  • Requests from outside businesses or individuals needing speakers or organizers
  • Online conversations about local issues in our industry, resources and opportunities

NAPO-SFBA Email Blasts are used for these communications:  Chapter Meeting Announcements

  • Pop-Up Event Info
  • Board Election Ballots
  • Membership Surveys
  • Renewal Info


NAPO-SFBA Newsletter – Bay Area Organizing Insider. The digital newsletter is distributed to our public mailing list as well as members on the mailing list.  It is sent at the beginning of each month.  It is intended as a Marketing tool for our industry and for chapter members.

NAPO-SFBA.org website is another Marketing tool for our chapter members.  Members use this to keep their public profiles current and allow the public to find us.

NAPO-SFBA Facebook page is used to post chapter event information and photos. This is a publicly accessible page.

*There are many POINT communities.  Our Chapter is listed as San Francisco in the list of My POINT communities.  If you are receiving the individual emails from a POINT community and are overwhelmed, you can always switch over to “daily digest” for any community and receive them all in one consolidated email at the end of the day (one digest per Community).