Member Area

Welcome!  We have changed our host database and website platform as of May 2020.   

The Member Profile section is your tool for representing yourself through this website.  To be found through the Hire An Organizer directory, you will need to use your Profile a little differently.  All the search fields are based on your Groups settings.  [Think of Groups on this website as Categories].  Edit your Groups at the bottom of the Profile page. On the left side of the screen there are the options you can choose.  On the side of the window are the Groups you have selected.  This is currently a VERY cumbersome process and we are asking StarChapter for some usability improvements.

All documents previously accessed through the website's Members Only section have been moved to POINT. Where in POINT?  In our Community Library!   

**How to Get There:

Go to the San Francisco community through your My Communities button when you enter POINT. Here's a link to that if you'd like to go there now, and it will have you log in to POINT before taking you to the San Francisco Community:  NAPO POINT San Francisco Community.  
You'll see a row of tabs under the photo banner.  Select Library to find the documents you are looking for.  If this is difficult to navigate, you may reach out to [email protected] for assistance.