Sue Feltovich

Vice President

Karen Schroter

Orderly Outcome


Perrie Erickson

Simply Uncluttered


Jesse Sondheimer

Membership Director

Jennifer L. Raftis, CPO®

Efficiency Matters, LLC

Business Partner Director

Jennifer L. Raftis, CPO®

Efficiency Matters, LLC

Professional Development Director

Liza Algar

The Less More Method

Communication and Technology Director

Joan McCreary, CPO®


Marketing Director

Elizabeth Treccase

A Clean Slate

Administrator of Operations

Kimberly Ann Purcell

Amethyst Productivity

NAPO-SFBA BOARD OF DIRECTORS Brief Position Description of Duties

Updated April 2019

President - (30-35 hours/month)  Supervises the Chapter's business, creates agendas, and presides over Chapter Board and Membership meetings and retreats.  Serves as liaison to NAPO National and other chapters. Participates in monthly NAPO National teleconferences and writes a “President’s Message” for monthly newsletter.  Oversees Golden Circle and ICD Liaisons and the Awards Committee.

Vice President - (5-20 hours/month)  Acts in place of the President when the President is absent. Generally works on special projects and supports the President as needed.  General effort is 4 to 5 hours per month. Special Projects can be 10 to 20 hours per month for limited periods of time, often with a team.  Oversees the Fundraising Chair/Committee and Media Liaison/Public Relations Chair.

Secretary - (10-12 hours/month)  Records, prepares, disseminate and reports minutes of the Chapter Board and Membership meetings, submits minutes to NAPO National, manages Chapter documents, and maintains an inventory of Chapter's official supplies and materials.  Oversees the Historian, Photographer, Mailbox and Librarian.

Treasurer - (10-15 hours/month)  Serves as the custodian of the Chapter’s funds and bank accounts and disburses funds in accordance with NAPO and Chapter policies, including reporting to NAPO headquarters. Responsible for filing CA taxes, group Federal returns, and maintaining NAPO-SFBA’s nonprofit status with the state.  Works with the Board and the Finance Committee to prepare an annual Chapter budget. Oversees Accountant, Bookkeeper and Finance Committee. Busy times of the year are August-January.

Director of Membership – (10-14 hours/month)  Manages the membership community to ensure member satisfaction and growth, including communication with and tracking of prospective members, new member welcome and orientation, conducting the membership renewal process, responding to members, and overseeing registration at key NAPO-SFBA events.  Participates in monthly NAPO National teleconferences and submits monthly report to National. Monitors and maintains Membership spreadsheet reporting with National. Oversees Welcome Committee, New Member Orientation Committee, Mentoring Coordinator/Committee, NAPO National Ambassador Liaison, and the Volunteer Coordinator. Busy time of the year is September and October.

Director of Professional Development – (6-12 hours/month)  Manages the educational and professional programming delivered to Chapter Members, which currently include Monthly Chapter Meetings, Pop-up Chapter Meeting events, SIG and Neighborhood Groups.  Chapter meeting responsibilities include setting up the meeting room (including any audio/visual needs), conducting/facilitating the meetings, and handling meeting evaluations. Oversees Program Committee, Pop-up Program Chairs, BCPO Liaison Chair, SIG Chair/Committee, and Neighborhood Group Coordinators.

Director of Marketing – (10 hours/month)  Oversees marketing for the chapter, including established social media sites, the chapter website and media tracking, and chapter promotional products. The DOM liaisons with the Communications and Technology team.  Oversees the Special Events Marketing Chair/Committee, Social Media Chair/Committee, GO Month Coordinator/Committee, and NAPO Cares Chair and Committee.

Director of Communications & Technology – (10-15 hours/month)  Manages the Chapter newsletter, website, email communications and other technology platforms used by the Chapter.  They also liaison with the Marketing team to coordinate social networking activities and chapter communications. Oversees Newsletter Editors, Resource Database Manager, POINT Moderator, Website Liaison, Visual Communications Chair, Graphics Designer, Social Media Liaison, and Marketing Liaison.

Business Partner Director - (10-15 hours/month)  Serves as liaison between the chapter members and our Business Partners to enhance and maximize their membership experience.  Participates in monthly NAPO National teleconferences and coordinates the Business Partner Showcase/Chapter Meeting in May. Oversees the Business Partner Chairs/Committee, Community Partner Liaison, and Networking Table Coordinator.   Busy time of the year is March & April.

Immediate Past President (IPP) or Director at Large – (6-20 hours/month)  Serves as an advisor to the board and provides historical perspective and guidance.  Serves as Committee Chair for the Nominating Committee to help build out the future Board in preparation for March elections.  Busy time of year is December-April.